About us

Our story

InnerbloomX flowered when its founder, Kimberly Blomgren, ventured out to grow her own business in 2017. Kim wanted to utilize her creativity and passion for entrepreneurship and value creation to help clients all over the world make their own dreams a reality. Allowing business owners to bloom into their full professional potential through the use of digital tools in a rapidly changing market.

InnerbloomX started as a digital nomad design studio, as a means for Kimberly to do what she loved from any where in the world. Over the course of the next few years, as Kimberly grew, so did her passions, knowledge and thus, her value to her clients. Naturally, InnerbloomX grew from a small design studio, to a resource of creative business solutions.

Our values

People First

We focus on methods centered on human problems, goals, needs, thinking, emotions, and behavior to form effective solutions- shaping solutions to humans rather than humans to solutions.

Quality Work

You only get a few seconds to make a great first impression. We deliver beautiful design, and strategic solutions to create strong first impressions and boost your company’s credibility.


We consistently strive to develop streamlined customer experiences to ensure that our client puts their best foot forward in the business world, as our client’s success is our success.


Using our knowledge of identity design, digital marketing, and business, we create value for our clients by helping them develop an online presence that draws crowds and builds trust.

Our founder

Kimberly Blomgren | Principal + Creative Director

As principal at InnerbloomX, Kim uses her design and marketing experience to support brands in telling their stories through timeless design and strategy. Kim’s philosophy of functionality, eloquence and beauty result in modern and sophisticated works aimed to stand the test of time. When not in front of her computer, Kim can be found painting, rescuing kittens, seeking inspiration in her city, or traveling the globe.