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Taste The Xperience

Taste the Xperience is a start-up tour agency/ passion project in Pompei, Italy. Their vision is to introduce Italian culture to travelers in a way that allows them to fully experience Italian history, food, art, and culture. Their guests are immersed in a 360° experience, from the classic guided tour of Pompeii to a breathtaking horseback ride in the national park of Vesuvius topped off with wine tasting in Vesuvian vineyards. Taste the experience has a strong focus on guest satisfaction, specializing in both tours and activities, ranging from must-do tours and incredible off-the-beaten-path experiences.

Strategy | Re-Brand | Visual Design


Taste the Xperience came to InnerbloomX in 2018 with an existing logo and website, but not much else. They were in need of a cohesive brand strategy to make their brand stand out from the competition; a social media strategy to get their brand heard; a website facelift to bring everything together; and an overall marketing strategy. Over the course of 2+ years, InnerbloomX has remained Taste the Xperience’s sole resource for consulting, design, content strategy and collateral.


  • Rebrand to appeal to researched target market.
  • Design the visual experience of guests.
  • Modernize existing logo to make the brand cohesive yet recognizable.
  • Re-imagine the color story from the stereotypical Italian flag colors into something more Neapolitan.
  • Develop a social media marketing strategy with to facilitate organic growth.

Project Elements

01. Research & Strategy

After looking at the competition, brand attributes, and ideal client, we discovered what differentiates Taste the Xperience from everyone else— how they serve their guests with high quality “experiences.” Taste the Xperience is not like other tour agencies that deliver run-of-the-mill tours, but a company that cares about the memories their guests go home with.

Since we uncovered that the ideal client was a young off-the-beaten-path traveler, fun, adventurous, and enjoyed food and culture, we knew we could infuse Taste the Xperience with that same personality to make the brand speak to their ideal client.

02. Re-brand

Upon initially setting out, Taste the Xperience had a general direction in which they were going, but nothing to stand out against the competition. They had a simple logo, and an Italian flag color scheme, and that’s about it. To enhance their logo, we modernized it to compliment their brand attributes while leaving it still recognizable. 

We changed the color story to represent the colors you experience while in Campania: blue to represent the sea; yellow for the lemons of the Amalfi and Sorrento Coasts, and the volcanic tufo that so many crumbling structures are made of; and magenta for the iconic bougainvillea plant and the 17th century Bourbon architecture scattered along the coasts.

Last we added fun graphic elements inspired by the Hellenistic culture of ancient Pompeii to tie the brand together.

03. Collateral & Visual Identity

Aside from creating business cards, social media content templates, letterhead, flyers, catalogs, and brochures, we were also looking for a unique way to bring value to potential guests and make them feel at home when booking with Taste the Xperience. We created a Naples city tour map the could be handed out in the city center, train stations, and other areas that tourists occupied. It was plump with must know language translations; a map with what to see, what to eat, and what to drink; day trips from Naples; emergency numbers; metro schedule; ferry schedule; and of course, Taste the Xperience tours and contact. The perfect travelers’ map to fit in the back pocket, and a perfect marketing material that wouldn’t just go straight into the trash.

04. Social Media Marketing Strategy

As most of our target market is young travelers who rely on the use of social media and modern tech apps for travel, we knew we needed to build a strong social media presence. Investing heavily in an influencer marketing program, we sought out influencers in this niche to offer an all-inclusive 7-day itinerary to see Naples, Pompei, and the Amalfi Coast. We chose three influencers who could best serve our mutual interests to participate. This helped organically build the company’s following from zero to just under a thousand within a matter of two months and created a buzz around the spectacular experiences Taste the Xperience has to offer, thus bringing in a high return on investment.

“Over the course of our relationship with InnerbloomX, we went from not knowing a thing about navigating the online market to having a beautifully branded company, website, and online presence: opening us up to new opportunities and spreading our name across the Italian market!”

Giuseppe Ferraoili, CEO