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Whiskers is an up and coming concept cafe for both humans and pets, as well as a cat and dog rescue and adoption center. Humans are encouraged to bring their furry companion to share a dining experience together. Whiskers offers three different menus- one for humans, one for dogs, and one for cats- each menu fulfilling the dietary needs of its guests.

Of course people without pets are welcome to come eat, play and cuddle with the available adoptions- in hopes that they find a new best friend to take home. The pet cafe and rescue also provides neonatal care to its most vulnerable rescues. Whiskers is a non-profit, with care and facilities provided by generous donations and revenue from the cafe.

Identity Design | User Research | App Design


Whiskers came to us as a concept needing to be brought to life. As the only cafe of their kind for miles and miles around, they were in need of a cohesive brand strategy to make sure people took a liking to this new concept in the south of Italy.


  • Conduct market research to find target market and best strategy.
  • Full-scope fun and sophisticated identity design
  • Visual design for future website and social platforms
  • Social media strategy

Project Elements

01. Research & Strategy

After looking at similar cafes around the world, and doing some research in the local community, we discovered what makes Whiskers so appealing- how they create a safe space for animals and animal-lovers to bond. Whiskers is not like other cafes around, but a new and exciting concept that gets animals off the streets, into loving homes, and educates animal lovers on their well-being.

Since we uncovered that the ideal clients were educated, fun and sophisticated 25-40 year-old animal-lovers, we knew we could mimic those same attributes in the brand personality to make the brand speak to their ideal client.

02. Brand Identity

Uncovering the the Ideal Client were educated, fun and sophisticated 25-40 year-olds, we decided to go with a Art Deco Modern meets urban jungle style

We changed the color story to represent the colors you experience while in Campania: blue to represent the sea; yellow for the lemons of the Amalfi and Sorrento Coasts and the volcanic tufo that so many crumbling buildings and walls are made of; and magenta for the iconic bougainvillea plant and the 17th century Bourbon architecture scattered along the coasts.

Last we added fun graphic elements inspired by the Hellenistic culture of ancient Pompeii to tie the brand together.